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The Sustainable Switch is a Toronto-based consulting firm working to transform the way productions operate in our communities. In addition to this work, our website acts as an educational platform, providing original articles and resources for the public.

Areas of Focus

Our Work

TV & Film Production

Toronto is a hotspot for TV and film production. In 2021, the desire for more environmentally-friendly amenities from industry clients was so great that the City invested in the development of energy-saving facilities. Our team seeks to further aid productions in their transition to becoming more sustainable.


As a company, we place great value in knowledge. We believe that access to experiential learning and employment opportunities are key to a better workforce. As such, we are committed to aiding in the employment of students and recent graduates interested in sustainable careers.

Our Resources

The Switch

The Switch is an educational, research-based platform, hosted by The Sustainable Switch, with the aim of providing individuals with relevant, sustainable information.

Community Resources

Here the public can access informative, easy-to-use resources – making it easier than ever to be sustainable every day! These resources are cost-free and available for download.

If not us, then who?

The Sustainable Switch was first established when its founder Saige Friedman asked herself the very same question. She didn’t want to wait to be considered “old enough” to join the table – so she went ahead and built her own – along with plenty of seats.


This startup social enterprise is dedicated to creating a better, more sustainable screen industry through the planning, implementation, and management of sustainable programs and initiatives for productions. Our team worries about all things sustainable so our clients don’t have to.


Transforming Toronto, together.

Our Executive Team

Meet the talented women behind the business.

Founder & Owner

Saige Friedman

The Sustainable Switch’s leader Saige Friedman, is unique in many ways, but especially in her appetite for knowledge.

Having graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Honours Environment & Business undergraduate program, and Fleming College’s Applied Planning postgraduate program, she acquired a well-rounded academic education in the areas of sustainable business, planning, and development.

Since moving into the screen industry, Saige has made it her mission to learn everything there is to know about TV and film production. From interviewing industry members to fostering the development of new programs, she has become fully enveloped in the industry. Saige is the heart, soul, and leader of our team, and can handle anything thrown her way.


Mira Ahmad

Mira Ahmad is The Sustainable Switch’s go-to numbers gal. With her education in Accounting from Western University’s Bachelor of Management & Organization Studies, her work experience in payroll and accounting roles, and her endless hours studying for her CFA designation – Mira has proven herself worthy of being responsible for all things financial. Whether it’s helping the team by carrying out financial analyses, pricing our services, or doing our taxes – Mira’s got it covered.

While Mira is new to the world of sustainability, her willingness and interest in learning more, coupled with her skills, make her an invaluable member of The Sustainable Switch team.

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