Celebrating Black History Month: A Month of Remembrance

Celebrating Black History Month: A Month of Remembrance

The Sustainable Switch is a fierce champion for equal rights, diversity, inclusion, and lifelong learning. As such, we will be posting a series of articles showcasing Black individuals and groups throughout North American history.

Black History Month is a time to reflect on North American history and to celebrate the many accomplishments and tragedies associated with Black peoples. Black History Month has been observed across Canada every February since December 1995, when the Ontario Black History Society initiated it and Jean Augustine, the first Black woman elected to be a Parliamentary member, introduced it to Parliament. Black History Month was then officially observed across the country for the first time in February 1996. However, before Black History Month was established in Canada, there was a movement in America to recognize North Americans of African descent. During the 1970s, the week became known as Black History Week and was celebrated at the municipal level in a number of American cities. Then in 1976, the celebration expanded to become Black History Month, and President Gerald Ford declared it a national observance.

Throughout history, there have been a significant number of Black peoples who have saved lives, made history, advocated for a better world, and created beautiful works of art. From movie stars to innovators, there is a long list of Black change-makers who deserve to be honoured and remembered during this year’s Black History Month. To honour them, throughout the month of February, The Switch will be hosting a series of articles showcasing both the well-known and often unrecognized individuals and groups deserving of remembrance and honour. Today, on the 1st of February, the first article will be published, showcasing a number of Black women vital to politics now, and throughout North American history.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming articles in this series on The Switch.

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