A Sustainable Switch Sale

Ever since The Sustainable Switch was first conceived, owner Saige Friedman was determined to incorporate youth employment initiatives into the business’s core mission and structure. At age 17, Saige made the decision to go to the University of Waterloo for the school’s Honours Environment & Business Co-op program due to her love for people and the environment, her moms insistence that business was “where it was at”, and particularly because of the school’s prestigious co-op program. While fate intervened and Saige ended up withdrawing from the co-op portion of the program, she still completed her degree and owes a lot of her experience and values to the University and it’s many instructors.

At the time, Saige and many of her fellow classmates were unhappy with the lack of job postings available via the institution’s co-op portal WaterlooWorks, with most students ending up in jobs more focused on business or finance than the community or sustainability. So, naturally, when Saige created her own sustainability-oriented business, she made sure to connect with the university’s co-op office to provide a great opportunity for current students. At present, Saige and her fellow team member Mira Ahmad are working together to sort through the high volume of applications that were submitted from co-op students, and will be carrying out interviews in the upcoming weeks. While The Sustainable Switch only has the capacity to bring on one University of Waterloo student for this co-op period, the plan is to hire more students as the business grows.

So, in an effort to raise funds for our co-op and other youth employment initiatives, we will be carrying out a number of community events, the first of which will be A Sustainable Switch Sale. On April 20th, The Sustainable Switch will be hosting a story sale via their Instagram page, that will feature a wide array of pre-loved and new items from our team members that need new homes. The items will be posted in the following categories: books, tops, bottoms, and other (with “other” including a range of items such as a catchall dish and a vintage Roots purse.) All items will range in price from $5-$40, with all profits going directly towards youth employment initiatives, including the co-op partnership with the University of Waterloo.

For any further information on the sale or the partnership with the University of Waterloo, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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