The Sustainable Switch Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season you can rest easy knowing that your favourite sustainable business will be publishing a comprehensive holiday gift guide!

Not Your Average Holiday Gift Guide

With The Sustainable Switch’s 2021/2022 Gift Guide, you can expect something new and different. Our gift guide isn’t like all the other ones you see during the holiday season for a few reasons. Without giving too much away before the guide is published on November 25th, we will tell you a bit about what you can expect.

First, this guide is non-denominational, meaning it won’t focus on one holiday, but all of them. As such the guide will be more winter-themed in an effort to incorporate any and all winter celebrations and to provide you with amazing winter essentials.

Since the beginning of November, The Sustainable Switch team has been working hard to connect with Canadian businesses and new entrepreneurs interested in participating in our 2021/2022 Holiday Gift Guide. In order to ensure only the best brands, products and services were selected, we established a set of guidelines and an application for participation.


All participating brands, products, and services have been reviewed to ensure they meet at least 1 of the 3 pillars of sustainability (social, environmental, economic). For instance, this could mean they:

  • Meet a social need or support a social cause;
  • Are made of eco-friendly materials, support an environmental cause, or work to reduce waste; and/or
  • Provide products or services for free or at affordable prices, contribute to a circular economy, or invest in a sustainable future.

All participants will have submitted an application for review and approval by The Sustainable Switch team to ensure their participation is appropriate. We have dedicated our time to finding and approving only the best Canadian products, services and brands for our 2021/2022 Holiday Gift Guide.

Our team has taken our time vetting these gifts so you don’t have to.

Ethical, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Gifting

The holiday season is known for time spent with family and friends, gifts, good food, and Christmas movies (no matter what holiday you celebrate). However, this time of year is also marked by high levels of waste and debt.

Holiday Spending & Debt

After the past two years we’ve had, Canadians seem to be more eager than ever to spoil themselves, their families and their friends this holiday season, according to a Deloitte report. Canadians are expected to spend an estimated $1,841 during the holidays – 31% higher than last year. It is common for Canadians to spend more than they can afford during the holidays, placing countless holiday purchases on their credit cards. According to Deloitte, more than 2/3 (66.1%) of Canadians plan on using their credit card for their extra purchases.

We’re here to tell you that overspending during the holidays is not necessary and you should not do it. With our guide, you will find economical offerings that can be given as thoughtful gifts, that won’t put a strain on your bank account.

Gift Packaging & Waste

While this guide is filled with gift ideas and we are promoting consumption, we have carefully crafted this guide to include products and services that will make a positive impact.

According to Waste Reduction Week in Canada, household waste can increase more than 25% over the holidays, creating nearly half a million tonnes of holiday waste. The majority of this waste includes gift wrapping and shopping bags. However, holiday waste can also include unwanted and unused gifts – so keep that in mind for our planet and your bank account!

This year you can avoid the wasteful practices of big box stores and many of the usual holiday offerings by choosing gifts for your loved ones from an already vetted, comprehensive list of Canadian goods and services.

As well, due to the waste associated with gift wrapping, at the back of our guide, you will be able to find instructions, for how to make/source and wrap your own Furoshiki wraps! This is an amazing alternative to gift wrapping that is also a sort of 2-in-one gift, as the wraps can be used for so many different things!

This guide will be available exclusively through our website on November 25th on our community resources page.

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