The Sustainable Switch’s Employment Program & Campaign

The Sustainable Switch’s Employment Program & Campaign

This morning, our business launched our first GoFundMe campaign. This article explains why we have launched this campaign and what the funds will be going towards.

The Sustainable Switch has been operating for just over a year now! Over this period of time, we have had the opportunity to connect and work with post-secondary institutions to employ co-op students studying programs relating to sustainability.

It was during the process of hiring our first student from the University of Waterloo, that we received over 200 applications in the span of 24 hours. Then, when interviewing each of the 50 students we whittled it down to, each one reported on the extreme lack of jobs available in their field, and the disappointment they had in the options available to them.

After hearing this so many times, we only wished we could hire more students and provide more opportunities. However, unfortunately, as a startup, our biggest barrier has been funding. As such, we are reaching out to the community to help us solidify this program and increase our capacity for employment.

The Green Job Market

Figure 1 – Environmental Jobs

According to an Eco Canada report, Canada’s environmental job sector saw a 5% increase in 2020 with 35,000 new jobs added. That means 1 in 26 workers were employed in the green sector in Canada at the end of 2020, up from 1 in 30 in 2019. As well, the updated forecast expects environmental employment to increase by 17% by 2025.

Even though the availability of green jobs appears to have increased, the vast majority of these jobs are available to highly skilled and experienced workers, with limited options for entry-level or junior positions. Without any sustainable positions available at this level, new graduates and current students are losing out on opportunities to make a difference and find their place early on in a more sustainable workforce.

Our GoFundMe Campaign

We have established this GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $30,000 CAD. While we are unsure of how successful this campaign will be, we hope that we can reach this goal, or even surpass it! Any funds raised will be placed in a separate banking account, for the exclusive use in the hiring and retainment of employees within our organization.

Why should you contribute? At The Sustainable Switch, we believe in the possibility of a better and more sustainable future for Toronto, Ontario, and all of Canada. We believe in this future so much that we are fully invested in realizing it. However, as we have said from the very beginning, we know we cannot do it alone!

That is why we are reaching out to members of the community. We need your help to secure funding for our employees, so we can grow not only the availability of sustainable positions with our organization but hopefully with others over time. As our business grows, we will be able to aid more local businesses in the implementation of their own sustainability efforts. We hope that this will encourage the employment of more sustainability-oriented positions in all organizations.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to our GoFundMe campaign, view the campaign here.

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