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Cannabis & Life Sciences

Interested in what’s going on in the country regarding cannabis & life sciences? Here you can find videos, articles & more from high-quality external resources relating to local cannabis startups, growing processes & medicinal uses; in addition to topics of life sciences such as medical advancements, the COVID-19 vaccine & more.

Cannabis & Life Sciences Videos Canada

Canadian Cannabis Usage During the Pandemic
Canadian Cannabis Tourism
Industry Diversity Problems
Highs and Lows of Marijuana Legalization in Canada
Why People are Calling for Changes to Canadian Vaccine Rollout
Black Entrepreneurs Breaking Into Industry
A Very Canadian Marijuana Story
Cannabis & COVID
Canadian Vaccine Rollout Confusion
Access to Vaccines for Developing Countries
Will Canada’s Vaccine Rollout Outpace Variants?
Vaccine Passports

National Cannabis & Life Sciences Articles

man sitting on ground smoking vape

Black-Owned Cannabis Accessory Company Working to Change the Industry

CBC News

In an industry where black people are vastly underrepresented in senior positions three brothers from Halifax have set out to challenge industry norms. These three entrepreneurs are set to introduce Fumes Rolling Papers and Accessories in Canada.

close up photo of marijuana leaves

Rule Changes to Cannabis Research & Vapes

Marijuana Business Daily

Canada’s federal cannabis regulator, Health Canada, announced an upcoming public comment period regarding regulations that could result in new restrictions on flavours used in marijuana vape products.

selective focus photo of dried kush

What cannabis users need to know before travelling to Canada

CIC News

How to travel to Canada with existing cannabis convictions and avoid new ones.

girl in black crew neck shirt blowing bubbles

Three batches of cannabis pre-rolls sold in Alberta recalled by Health Canada

CTV News

Health Canada is recalling some dried cannabis pre-rolls sold in retailers in Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.

person holding red and silver stethoscope

Canada again delays overhaul to patented medicine pricing system

Global News

While some countries have made great progress with their COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, there’s still a major stumbling block when it comes to vaccinating the rest of the world. Abigail Bimman looks at the debate over whether COVID-19 vaccine patents should be waived temporarily, which supporters argue will help get more doses made and get more people vaccinated faster.

white capsules on pink surface

Canada needs a publicly owned facility to produce medicine and vaccines

The Hill Times

The federal government’s failures to secure domestic production of any of the early vaccine candidates highlighted the enormous policy mistake to privatize the government-owned company, Connaught Laboratories.

person holding black and white stone

How Canada’s Cannabis Intake has Changed During the Pandemic

CTV News

The number of Canadians who consume cannabis both occasionally and regularly is on the rise – and there is some evidence to suggest the COVID-19 pandemic may be inspiring some to indulge more often.

person holding injection

Systemic Racism in Medicine

CMAJ Group

The field of medicine can no longer deny or overlook the existence of systemic anti-Black racism in Canada and how it affects the health of Black people and communities.

selectove focus photo of green leaves

Improvements needed to detect cannabis impairment among drivers, study finds

CTV News

Substantial improvements are needed in Canada to detect cannabis impairment among drivers, according to a new review study recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

high angle shot of a macbook and cup of coffee on white table

Machine Learning Revolutionizing Medical Research

CBC News

Advanced computer programs that use machine learning are transforming the way medical research is done in Nova Scotia and around the world.

photo of man pointing on a flying drone

Danger of Ableism in Healthcare

CBC News

Statistics Canada says 22 percent of Canadians live with a disability, which, I believe, means ableism in medicine affects more than one-fifth of Canadians, whether they realize it or not.

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