The Dangers of Overfishing

Today is day 3 of Rivers to Oceans Week here in Canada, and as such we decided to publish an article focusing specifically on some of the dangers of overfishing. This includes impacts to local economies and employment, in addition to numerous ecological repercussions. Overfishing Fishing is one of the most significant forces behind theContinue reading “The Dangers of Overfishing”

Aquatic Invasive Species in Ontario

This week is designated as Rivers to Oceans Week. As such, we decided to write this article, focusing on one of the biggest challenges in Ontario’s aquatic ecosystems – invasive species. Definitions Alien Species: Organisms found in an area outside of their normal geographic range. Invasive Species: An alien species whose introduction does or isContinue reading “Aquatic Invasive Species in Ontario”

The Ethics of Ecosystem Restoration

This years Canadian Environment Week theme is ecosystem restoration, as such, we wrote a brief article discussing the ethical questions involved with ecosystem restoration. Ecosystem restoration refers to the process of intentional human interference with an ecosystem’s current state to assist in the recovery and management of the ecosystem to its previous state – beforeContinue reading “The Ethics of Ecosystem Restoration”

Endangered Species in Canada: Federal Programs & Funding

This article is the third in a series, with the first article being An Introduction to Endangered Species in Canada, and the second, Endangered Species in Canada: The Federal Government. This article will focus on the federal government yet again, but will look at federal programs and projects relating to species at risk. To findContinue reading “Endangered Species in Canada: Federal Programs & Funding”

Vertical Farming

This article written by co-op student Thomas Tinmouth delves into an innovative process that may change farming on earth as we know it. This read will be sure to give you the necessary information about all things vertical farming. Approximately 5 billion hectares of earth’s land is designated for agriculture. This is about 38% ofContinue reading “Vertical Farming”

Endangered Species in Canada: The Federal Government

This article is a follow-up to An Introduction to Endangered Species in Canada, and focuses on how the federal government is legally required to protect endangered species including commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The next article in this series will focus on federal programs and initiatives working to help us meet the SDGs.Continue reading “Endangered Species in Canada: The Federal Government”

An Introduction to Endangered Species in Canada

Today, May 21, 2021, is designated as Endangered Species Day, so we have established this article as the first in a series penned by Saige Friedman on the subject of endangered species in Canada, and in the Province of Ontario. This article includes a number of important definitions, an explanation of how species become endangered,Continue reading “An Introduction to Endangered Species in Canada”

Human Impact on Coral Reef Degradation: What is Happening & How You Can Help

This article is the first of many penned by our co-op student Thomas Tinmouth. This article provides information on coral reefs, coral bleaching, how this impacts humans, and what we can do to help. For more information on coral reefs, please see the links provided within. Introduction A major misconception when it comes to people’sContinue reading “Human Impact on Coral Reef Degradation: What is Happening & How You Can Help”