The Sustainable Student

On Monday, September 6, 2021, The Sustainable Switch announced the establishment of a new branch of their business. Since the company launched in November 2020, The Sustainable Switch team has been busy working away on a number of exciting new projects and programs for the Greater Toronto community. This new branch will be education-based andContinue reading “The Sustainable Student”

National Secondhand Clothes Day: Thrifting

The Rise in Thrifting Over the course of the pandemic, second-hand store employees and owners in Canada have noticed a significant increase in thrift shoppers seeking ways to stretch their budgets, discover unique items, and avoid the creation of more waste. According to 2020 data from ThredUp, an online consignment and thrift store, while consumersContinue reading “National Secondhand Clothes Day: Thrifting”

The Irresponsibility of Highway 413: Part 1

The development of Highway 413 is a highly controversial subject in Ontario, with the provincial government and developers pushing for its approval, while municipalities and environmentalists strongly oppose it. Due to the number of factors involved in the project, this article has been broken up into 2 parts. Part 1 will discuss what the proposedContinue reading “The Irresponsibility of Highway 413: Part 1”

My Time as a Co-op Student at The Sustainable Switch

This article highlights my time working at The Sustainable Switch as their first ever co-op student. Time really does fly when you are having fun. It feels like just yesterday I had my first day with The Sustainable Switch and I’m now in my last week! This co-op term has been filled with writing articlesContinue reading “My Time as a Co-op Student at The Sustainable Switch”

Sustainable Product Spotlight: Mouche

As consumers become increasingly aware of climate change and their own environmental footprint, willingness to spend more money and more time looking for eco-conscious products has become the norm. One of these new products on the block is Mouche, a sustainable replacement for your traditional tree pulp tissues. Mouche is made of bamboo which bringsContinue reading “Sustainable Product Spotlight: Mouche”

Cannabis Retail Stores in Ontario: Toronto’s Market Saturation

If you live or work in the City of Toronto you will have noticed by now how many cannabis retail stores have popped up since legalization occurred in the province. This article takes a look at the saturation of the cannabis retail market in the province and in the City, and what this could mean.Continue reading “Cannabis Retail Stores in Ontario: Toronto’s Market Saturation”

Local Indigenous Business Spotlight: wolfwmnbeads

wolfwmnbeads is a local Indigenous-owned beading business run on Instagram by Raechel Bonomo. Before National Indigenous History Month comes to a close, our team will continue to provide informative and interesting articles highlighting Indigenous history, and showcasing Indigenous talent. Today I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of my personal favourite local Indigenous-ownedContinue reading “Local Indigenous Business Spotlight: wolfwmnbeads”

Getting to Know Apricotton Co.

This article includes an interview with Jessica and Chloe, founders of Apricotton, carried out by Raquel Almeida Margulies. “I find that girls are punished for, you know, having bodies.” Chloe, Apricotton Co-Founder Puberty. An experience we can all relate to….and the awkwardness of it all, probably even more so. Puberty demands an entire set ofContinue reading “Getting to Know Apricotton Co.”

A Sustainable Switch Sale

Ever since The Sustainable Switch was first conceived, owner Saige Friedman was determined to incorporate youth employment initiatives into the business’s core mission and structure. At age 17, Saige made the decision to go to the University of Waterloo for the school’s Honours Environment & Business Co-op program due to her love for people andContinue reading “A Sustainable Switch Sale”

A Sustainable Startup – Wrong Generation’s Approach to Upcycling

Wrong Generation “Profit margin is less important to me than reducing my impact, since that’s the mission of the business in the first place!” – Zach Smith, Wrong Generation owner. This article focuses on a local startup company utilizing sustainable and ethical methods to upcycle damaged goods. The quotes and much of the information wasContinue reading “A Sustainable Startup – Wrong Generation’s Approach to Upcycling”