The Sustainable Student

On Monday, September 6, 2021, The Sustainable Switch announced the establishment of a new branch of their business. Since the company launched in November 2020, The Sustainable Switch team has been busy working away on a number of exciting new projects and programs for the Greater Toronto community. This new branch will be education-based andContinue reading “The Sustainable Student”

Renaming Dundas Street

In recent years, across North America citizens have been protesting, petitioning, and defacing monuments and other infrastructure dedicated to historical men who made their mark through slavery, anti-Semitism, and other unjust contributions. Now in the City of Toronto, the decision has been made to scrap all associations with Henry Dundas in an effort to “challengeContinue reading “Renaming Dundas Street”

Stooping Toronto: Turning One’s Garbage Into Another’s Treasures

This article was penned by Saige Friedman, and includes a Q&A session with the managers of the Toronto Instagram account, Stooping Toronto. Earlier this year, a friend told me about this Instagram account she loved called Stooping Toronto. I had never heard of it before, nor did I know what “stooping” meant. She explained toContinue reading “Stooping Toronto: Turning One’s Garbage Into Another’s Treasures”