Canada’s Wildfires & Climate Change 2021

In Canada, from April to September, the country is used to experiencing a number of wildfires from the Yukon to Newfoundland & Labrador. However, as climate change continues to worsen, the frequency and intensity of these fires are expected to increase, and so is the devastation caused by them – whether to the environment orContinue reading “Canada’s Wildfires & Climate Change 2021”

Climate Disasters: Flooding in Europe

Last week, videos and photos began surfacing of the catastrophic flooding that took place in western Europe. Many across the world are wondering how this happened, why the government wasn’t better prepared, and what this means for those impacted. This article focuses on communities in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, and how residents haveContinue reading “Climate Disasters: Flooding in Europe”

What is The Green New Deal?

You have most likely at some point in the past 3 years read, or heard someone talking about The Green New Deal. You know it has something to do with the environment, but what exactly is it? This article provides insight on what The Green New Deal is, how it will effect Americans livelihoods, andContinue reading “What is The Green New Deal?”

The Dangers of Overfishing

Today is day 3 of Rivers to Oceans Week here in Canada, and as such we decided to publish an article focusing specifically on some of the dangers of overfishing. This includes impacts to local economies and employment, in addition to numerous ecological repercussions. Overfishing Fishing is one of the most significant forces behind theContinue reading “The Dangers of Overfishing”

Aquatic Invasive Species in Ontario

This week is designated as Rivers to Oceans Week. As such, we decided to write this article, focusing on one of the biggest challenges in Ontario’s aquatic ecosystems – invasive species. Definitions Alien Species: Organisms found in an area outside of their normal geographic range. Invasive Species: An alien species whose introduction does or isContinue reading “Aquatic Invasive Species in Ontario”

Paris Climate Agreement: Greatest Successes and Challenges Experienced by Participating Countries

This article takes a look into the world’s progress on our greatest environmental goal, the Paris Climate Agreement, and highlights 3 successes and challenges faced by various countries working toward climate action. Today, June 5th, is World Environment Day. This annual celebration is one of the largest events put on by the United Nations toContinue reading “Paris Climate Agreement: Greatest Successes and Challenges Experienced by Participating Countries”

The Ethics of Ecosystem Restoration

This years Canadian Environment Week theme is ecosystem restoration, as such, we wrote a brief article discussing the ethical questions involved with ecosystem restoration. Ecosystem restoration refers to the process of intentional human interference with an ecosystem’s current state to assist in the recovery and management of the ecosystem to its previous state – beforeContinue reading “The Ethics of Ecosystem Restoration”

Clean Air Day: Highlighting 4 Canadian Companies working to Combat Climate Change and Clean our Air

In the spirit of National Clean Air Day, this article highlights 4 Canadian Companies who’s operations work to clean the air we breathe in Canada, and around the world. Today, June 2nd, is national Clean Air Day. In 1999 the Government of Canada established Clean Air Day with efforts to emphasize the importance of cleanContinue reading “Clean Air Day: Highlighting 4 Canadian Companies working to Combat Climate Change and Clean our Air”

Endangered Species in Canada: Federal Programs & Funding

This article is the third in a series, with the first article being An Introduction to Endangered Species in Canada, and the second, Endangered Species in Canada: The Federal Government. This article will focus on the federal government yet again, but will look at federal programs and projects relating to species at risk. To findContinue reading “Endangered Species in Canada: Federal Programs & Funding”

Endangered Species in Canada: The Federal Government

This article is a follow-up to An Introduction to Endangered Species in Canada, and focuses on how the federal government is legally required to protect endangered species including commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The next article in this series will focus on federal programs and initiatives working to help us meet the SDGs.Continue reading “Endangered Species in Canada: The Federal Government”