Water Consumption and Desalination

This article covers the topics of water consumption, desalination, and their connections to current environmental degradation and climate change. Earth is the only planet currently known to harbour life, thanks to one particular resource, water. Throughout human history, civilizations that were able to harness freshwater for consumption and agriculture thrived. It’s why we see soContinue reading “Water Consumption and Desalination”

The Atlantic Ocean Current

This article explores what the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is, its importance to the planet, and its tipping point for demise. This summer has really been unlike any other for a multitude of reasons. First off, we proudly watched our Canadian athletes have a historic summer Olympic Games, but with no fans in attendance. OurContinue reading “The Atlantic Ocean Current”

Ocean Plastic

Continuing our content for Rivers to Oceans Week, this article dives into the issue of ocean plastics. Plastic debris in our oceans are continually increasing and causing a magnitude of problems throughout marine ecosystems. From Canva stock photos and macbook screensavers, to instagram videos and Netflix documentaries, many wonders of the ocean have been displayedContinue reading “Ocean Plastic”

The Dangers of Overfishing

Today is day 3 of Rivers to Oceans Week here in Canada, and as such we decided to publish an article focusing specifically on some of the dangers of overfishing. This includes impacts to local economies and employment, in addition to numerous ecological repercussions. Overfishing Fishing is one of the most significant forces behind theContinue reading “The Dangers of Overfishing”

Rivers to Oceans Week: How Keeping Canadian Rivers and Oceans Clean Starts in Our Own Backyard

This article provides information on Rivers to Oceans Week, highlighting why maintaining health of our rivers is an integral piece in maintaining a healthy ocean. June 8th-14th is designated as Rivers to Oceans Week, a time to remind us all the importance of protecting the various water systems that feed into our oceans. This weekContinue reading “Rivers to Oceans Week: How Keeping Canadian Rivers and Oceans Clean Starts in Our Own Backyard”