Holiday Gift Guides

In this section of our Community Resources, you will be able to find any and all holiday gift guides created by The Sustainable Switch.

Note: All of our gift guides are viewable here & are downloadable as well.

Recent Holiday Gift Guides

Infographics & Diagrams

We have a number of original infographics & diagrams created by our talented staff. Our aim is to simplify everyday problems for community members & keep them informed on local matters. To do this, The Sustainable Switch continues to provide up-to-date & easy to understand visual representations of important local information.

Note: All of our infographics & diagrams are viewable here & are downloadable as well.

Recent Infographics & Diagrams

Local Opportunities & Surveys

The Sustainable Switch has been hard at work creating an exceptional, community-based platform & business that we can be proud of. We understand that our success relies upon the connections we make with local professionals, communities & businesses. As such, our community resources page will also include a number of local opportunities we will be providing – whether it’s an opportunity for community engagement, volunteering, or a position with us, you can find it here.

Current Surveys & Opportunities

Helpful Guidelines & How-To’s

In addition to our informational & instructive graphics & the local opportunities we provide, we also continue to update & create a number of guidelines & more detailed instructions on local topics such as proper waste management for tenants in multi-residential buildings & much more.

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