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The Sustainable Switch’s community resource page was created with the sole aim of providing the GTA & surrounding areas with access to informative, easy-to-use resources – making it simpler than ever to be sustainable every day! From simple recycling diagrams to community engagement opportunities, we’ve got you covered. As we continue working with local community members, businesses & government, we plan on adding more materials to help communities overcome any barriers they may face. Click the button below to access our exclusive content.

Our Community Resources

Infographics & Diagrams

We have a number of original infographics & diagrams created by talented locals. Our aim is to simplify everyday problems for community members & keep them informed on local matters. To do this, The Sustainable Switch continues to provide up-to-date, easily to understand visual representations of important local information.

Local Opportunities & Surveys

The Sustainable Switch has been hard at work creating an exceptional, community-based platform & business that we can be proud of. We understand that our success relies upon the connections we make with local professionals, communities & businesses. As such, our community resources page will also include a number of local opportunities we will be providing – whether it’s an opportunity for community engagement, volunteering, or position with us, you can find it here.

Helpful Guidelines & How-To’s

In addition to our informational & instructive graphics & the local opportunities we provide, we also continue to update & create a number of guidelines & more detailed instructions on local topics such as proper waste management for tenants in multi-residential buildings.

As more community resources become available they will be exclusively hosted on this page. Additionally, we actively seek feedback from local communities to ensure all their needs are being met regarding the community-based content provided by The Sustainable Switch. If you are a community member & would like to connect, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Us

The Sustainable Switch is a community-based organization in the business of educating local communities & businesses on the importance & the benefits of making sustainable switches. We work collaboratively with clients, offering unique, customizable solutions.


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