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Global Education, Innovation & Design Articles

curious ethnic girl selecting color for drawing

What does a common agenda for global public goods in education look like?


Last July, the U.N. secretary-general called for a focus on delivering more global public goods. Yet, 15 years after the International Task Force on Global Public Goods wrote its summary report, much work remains to shape debate and action in the education sector on this. Is education so heterogenous that each government must develop bespoke solutions? Or could some standards and systems be created globally and tailored for national and local implementation?

woman draw a light bulb in white board

Global Education Industry 2021: Growth Opportunities for Communications, Collaboration, and Contact Center Technologies

Business Wire

The objective of this study is to enable market participants to more effectively address both long-standing challenges and the current pain points and shifting scenarios that COVID-19 has presented.

UNESCO and WHO urge countries to make every school a health-promoting school

Business Wire

UNESCO and the World Health Organization today launched the Global Standards for Health-promoting Schools, a resource package for schools to improve the health and well-being of 1.9 billion school-aged children and adolescents.

girls doing their schoolwork

How COVID taught America about inequity in education

Harvard Gazette

Remote learning turned spotlight on gaps in resources, funding, and tech — but also offered hints on reform.

Asian universities are on the rise. This is what it means for the rest of the world

World Economic Forum

The data does not lie: in successive editions of the annual Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Western nations have been losing ground while the East rises.

‘Women Creating Innovation’ tour opened at Peres Center

Jerusalem Post

The tour is meant to inspire gender equality thorough the country and the world, with a panel of women known for their outstanding achievements in industry.

business cargo cargo container city


Dalhousie University

Marciel Gaier is on a mission to transform the global shipping industry. Even the challenges of a worldwide pandemic haven’t stopped the up-and-coming entrepreneur from advancing his first-of-its-kind smart coating for ship hulls that is enabling him to do just that.  

close up photo of a student studying the world map

When it comes to saving the planet, innovation has to be a team effort

Fast Company

The urgency and scale of our biggest problems requires cooperation, not proprietary thinking, writes Morgan Stanley’s chief sustainability officer.

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