Working to provide experiential & employment opportunities to students & recent grads

Why education?

As a business, we place high importance on education and learning. We believe that students and youth are key to the creation of a more sustainable workforce, and ultimately, a more sustainable future. As such, our organization works to provide experiential learning and employment opportunities for current students and recent graduates.

With the severe lack of opportunities available for students and recent graduates in sustainability-oriented positions, it isn’t easy for students to choose a career in the sector. If we hope to establish and maintain a more sustainable workforce, it will not be possible without the creation of more green jobs, from the most basic entry-level positions to those requiring decades of experience under their belt.

Our Employment Fund

Donate to our GoFundMe campaign today to help us provide more employment opportunities for students and recent graduates in Ontario. To learn more about the campaign and how funds will be allocated, see below.

Our Work Program

Our firm works with post-secondary institutions, businesses, and organizations to offer co-op and internship positions to students and recent graduates. These positions range, with some being paid while others are just for credit.

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Interested in becoming an educational partner?

Make an appointment with our team today to learn how you can help provide more opportunities for student success.

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