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Fashion, Beauty & Retail Videos Canada

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National Fashion, Beauty & Retail Articles

women in blazers and pants standing side by side

Ottawa invests over $2M to support fashion and clothing SMEs


Vestechpro, CTT Group and mmode will be able to boost their competitiveness and ensure textile businesses remain sustainable by stimulating innovation.

Canada Goose fashion brand to stop using fur by end of 2022

The Guardian

Canada Goose, a clothing brand known for its fur-trimmed parka jackets, has announced that it is to end the use of real fur in its products.

St. Clair College embraces robotics to hold annual student fashion show

The Guardian

All student designs were worn by a custom made robot named Judy Boxer.

person holding red and silver stethoscope

Retail sales in Canada plunge in Q2 amid third wave of COVID-19


Canadian retail sales plunged at the start of the second quarter as the economy was hit by a third wave of COVID-19 restrictions.

yellow and black leather cross body bag

Proposed legislation changes could strip retail workers’ right to refuse Sunday work, union says

CBC News

Amendment says employers can ask employees to agree to work Sundays in writing when they’re hired.

Soaring costs challenge Canadian retailers counting on post-COVID surge


Canadian retailers are readying for a post-pandemic rebound as consumers emerge from lockdowns and open their wallets, but higher costs are eroding their profit margins and fanning inflationary pressures.

black and white escalator inside building

In a post-pandemic world, will Canadians ever go back to shopping malls?

Global News

Rumours about the impending death of the shopping mall have been circling for years.

coffee pot with grinder placed on terrace near chair in woods

Massive tariffs on furniture imports prompt challenge from Canadian retailers

CTV News

There is a battle brewing over furniture prices that are so high you’ll fall off your chair.

old tramway riding on railroad in dark city

Ontario is entering Step 3 of the province’s reopening plan next week. Here’s what will change

CBC News

Step 3 will take effect on July 16, 5 days earlier than the original reopening date.

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