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Global Fashion, Beauty & Retail Videos

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Global Fashion, Beauty & Retail Articles

trendy woman in fur coat

Worlds Carbon Emissions & the Fashion Industry

Surface Magazine

The fashion industry as a whole is largely unregulated. This is a huge problem for workers and the environment who suffer as inexpensive clothes are churned out in mass produced, subcontracted factories, and sold in chain stores worldwide.

Top fashion brands face legal challenge over garment workers’ rights in Asia

The Guardian

Legal complaints are being filed against some of the world’s largest fashion brands in major garment-producing countries across Asia in a groundbreaking attempt to hold the global fashion industry legally accountable for human rights violations in the countries where their clothing is made.

Matchesfashion global fashion officer exits


Natalie Kingham has left the luxury retailer after less than a year in the role.

Paris Fashion Week Returns, Making The Case For In-Person Haute Couture


For over a year and a half, the global fashion industry — and haute couture in particular — has struggled without live fashion and film red carpet events. This week, haute couture designers gathered in Paris to show their new collections. Designers, buyers and the international press assembled to see the 33 brands showing their collections on the runway.

How digital authentication could drive a resale revolution for fashion

World Economic Forum

The global clothing and textile industry was responsible for nearly 100 million tons of waste in 2015 – a figure that could jump by at least 50% by 2030, according to Global Fashion Agenda

people in a photoshoot

The fashion industry’s quest to deliver on its sustainability ambitions


This story is part of The Path to Zero, a series of special reports on how business can lead the fight against climate change. This quarter’s stories go in-depth on sustainability in supply chains.

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