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Interested in what’s going on in Canada regarding food & beverages? Here you can find videos, articles & more from high-quality external resources pertaining to topics of food, food waste, healthy diets, food systems, hunger, scarcity, water, & more.

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Food Labelling
Canada’s 2021 food price report is bad news due to COVID and climate change
Healthy Eating COVID-19
Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy
Food Security
Fighting Hunger

Food Banks Canada
Food Insecurity
Food Prices Rise

The History of Canadian Beer
Canadian Beer
How much added sugar is in your food?

National Food & Beverage Articles

food toast wood coffee

This is why Canadians are paying more for peanut butter and other pantry staples

CTV News

Food prices in Canada are continuing to climb and one expert says increases are starting to impact pantry staples that haven’t risen in cost for decades, such as peanut butter.

tray with berries and yogurt near jelly and cucumber slices

It’s time for Canada to regulate against exploitive food marketing to kids

Welland Tribune

Most people would agree that protecting children should be our country’s utmost priority. Protecting children from unhealthy food products and fast-food chains has been the subject of many conversations.

person holding sliced of pizza

U.K. is banning daytime junk food advertisements. Should Canada do the same?

Global News

In a move to combat obesity rates and encourage healthy eating, the U.K. announced earlier this week a ban on daytime television and internet ads promoting unhealthy food.

crop woman adding parsley to tasty pasta

New Supplemented Foods Framework in Canada

The National Law Review

Proposed new regulatory framework for supplemented foods in Canada.

coctail drinks on clear drinking glass

P.E.I. alcohol sales rose in 2020, despite record low visitor numbers

CBC News

Alcohol sales in P.E.I. increased in 2020, even though the Island saw only a fraction of its regular visitors last year.

Vancouver duo launches Canada’s first hard kombucha company

Daily Hive

Made in Vancouver is a collaboration between Vancity and Daily Hive. Together, we’re turning the spotlight onto local businesses, organizations, and individuals who are helping to create a healthy local economy.

clear glass bottle with brown liquid

100 years after the end of alcohol prohibition, advocates push for drug decriminalization

Daily Hive

An advocate for the decriminalization of drugs says a century of legal liquor consumption is evidence that regulated substances save lives.

Canadian company hopes to capitalize on psychedelics craze with new drink

Financial Post

A Canadian beverage company is looking to cash in on the popularity of psychedelics with a kava-based drink it is billing as the first of its kind.

District Wine Village: A Canadian first opening in BC tomorrow

Daily Hive

If you are a lover of wine, we have got good news for you. The “first true wine village in Canada” is officially opening up in BC’s Okanagan region.

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