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National Government, Policy & Justice Articles

black gavel on table in courtroom

Criminal defence lawyers sound alarm over Ford government’s new justice of the peace appointees

CBC News

Critics accuse government of ‘stacking’ the bench,’ while it says it’s improving diversity.

airplane wing towards clouds

Loosened COVID-19 travel rules boost visits to Canada — but half still turned away

Global News

The number of incoming visitors to Canada has been gradually increasing in the days since travel restrictions began easing for fully vaccinated, eligible travellers — and the country’s border agents are expecting more this weekend.

judges desk with gavel and scales

Revitalization of Indigenous laws in Saskatoon a priority for the Government of Canada


The Government of Canada is committed to walking the shared path of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and remains focused on renewing this relationship. This includes protecting Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination, supporting the revitalization of Indigenous legal systems and traditions, as well as acknowledging the integral role that Indigenous communities and organizations play in the development, use and understanding of Indigenous laws.

vaccine text and a person wearing latex glove while holding a syringe on pink background

Feds Commit Nearly $200M to be able to Mass Produce mRNA Vaccine in Canada

CTV News

Such a traumatic event has provoked another moment of reckoning in the United States. But the sight of the world’s so-called greatest democracy nearly collapsing is cause for introspection for every other democratic country looking on, including Canada.

illustration of money with piggy bank and arrow up

How Canada’s COVID policies stoked asset bubbles and income inequality

Financial Post

When COVID hit, people were sent home, interest rates were essentially slashed to zero and governments began sending out cheques to their citizens, all in order to keep the economy moving.

brown and white concrete building under blue sky

Constitution to say it’s a nation and French is its official language: Trudeau

National Post

The province’s proposed language law reform, introduced last week, seeks to change part of the Constitution to affirm that Quebec is a nation and that its official language is French.

person holding test tubes

Fully vaccinated but left out: Canada’s new border rules put some in a conundrum

Global News

Canada’s new border rules for fully vaccinated travellers are not going down well with some people who have received COVID-19 vaccines in other countries.

She Struggled To Reclaim Her Indigenous Name. She Hopes Others Have It Easier


For as long as she can remember, Danita Bilozaze knew that the name on her birth certificate, “Danita Loth,” didn’t reflect her Indigenous identity.

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