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Global Government, Policy & Justice Articles

white house

U.S. Justice Department says Trump’s reinstatement talk could fuel more violence from his supporters

CTV News

The U.S. Justice Department said this week that former president Donald Trump’s delusional claims that he’ll be reinstated to the White House could fuel more political violence from his supporters.

group of policemen on horse

‘Less Lethal’ Doc Details An Undercover Pursuit For Justice For Injured Protesters

CBC News

Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with student filmmaker Jaime Wilken about her documentary short “Less Lethal,” about a tech worker using video of a protest to uncover how a teenage boy was shot there.

symbols of justice and law on table of judge

Indigenous Americans call for justice over residential schools

CBC News

Canadians are confronting an ugly truth. For more than a century, their government separated Indigenous children from their parents and placed them in residential schools where they were forced to assimilate. Hundreds did not survive. Similar schools also existed in the U.S.

Italian coalition overcomes divisions to back justice reform


Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s broad unity government has overcome deep divisions to agree to a contested justice reform, which the European Union has demanded as part of a deal to unlock billions of euros in recovery funds.

woman holding pink and white love print board

Privacy Is Still a Victim When Rape Cases Hit the Justice System

CBC News

Britain is struggling to end its dependence on the traumatizing seizure of data from victims’ phones. Pervasive rape culture is making it difficult.


Vanity Fair

Pitched battles—political, cultural, and racial—are roiling the heart of la République, and spawning new variations of anti-Americanism.

roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with band

Justice Department to Provide Funding for Body-Worn Cameras to Small, Rural and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies

U.S. Department of Justice

The Justice Department announced today that the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is releasing $7.65 million in a competitive microgrant grant solicitation that will fund body-worn cameras (BWCs) to any law enforcement department with 50 or fewer full-time sworn personnel, rural agencies (those agencies within non-urban or non-metro counties); and federally-recognized Tribal agencies.

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