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Planning, Development & Real Estate

Interested in what’s going on in Canada regarding planning, development, and real estate? Here you can find videos, articles & more from high-quality external resources pertaining to topics of private & public real estate & housing developments, real estate markets, planning & more.

National Planning, Development & Real Estate Articles

Planning committee approves controversial Orléans sports dome

CBC News

Plan for inflatable sports dome will go ahead, despite opposition from nearby residents

Outrage over developer’s plan to buy single-family homes reveals a Canadian fixation

CBC News

Core’s move from highrises to ground-level homes has sparked a backlash.

crop man sealing carton box with tape

‘Get in now’: realtors urge renters to lock in lease before Canada’s border reopens

Global News

Realtors say people on the hunt for rental properties should lock in a lease before Canada reopens its borders.

New CMHC CEO says best way to combat soaring home prices is building new housing

The Globe & Mail

The new leader of Canada’s national housing agency says the best way to combat soaring home prices is to build more housing.

bird s eye view of city during sunset

A new wave of buyers expected to hit B.C. real estate market

The Globe & Mail

Vancouver is the favoured destination for the 300,000 or so passport holders who want to escape political instability in Hong Kong, as well as the high numbers of newcomers to Canada.

Urban Agency Designs New “Vancouver Forest” Block in Canada


Architecture firm Urban Agency has shared new details of their Vancouver Forest development in Canada. Taking inspiration from the forest regions of the area, the project includes timber, bamboo and greenery to form a sustainable block for the city. As a series of stepped terraces, the project was designed as a ‘living canopy’ with trees and foliage growing along the building envelope.

person using dewalt cordless impact driver on brown board

Broccolini plans to redevelop previous home of Ford auto plant

CTV News

The builder of choice for Amazon Canada has gone public with one of the worst kept secrets in the London region’s economic development community.

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