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Global Planning, Development & Real Estate Articles

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Are We Heading Towards A Global Real Estate Bubble?


It’s a growing concern due to rising real estate prices around the world, which has experts wondering if another global economic collapse is inevitable.

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How COVID Will Change Interior Design

World Economic Forum

Homebuilders construct the physical environments for families, who turn them into homes – homes we hope are filled with laughter, love, aspiration and celebration. Good housing is the cornerstone of strong communities.

China’s Overheated Real Estate Bonds Offer High Yields. They Are Only for the Brave.


Spreads on B-rated corporate bonds, which run inversely to price, have jumped by seven percentage points over the past month or so, says Paul Lukaszewski, head of Asia Pacific corporate debt at Aberdeen Standard Investments.

Calgary ‘experiment’ looks to transform vacant office tower into affordable housing

Global News

With more than five million Canadians still working from home, offices across the country have become dark and lonely places. In Calgary, the COVID-19 pandemic has made a serious downtown office vacancy problem worse.

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FACT SHEET: G7 to Announce Joint Actions on Forced Labor in Global Supply Chains, Anticorruption, and Ransomware

The White House

President Biden and leaders agreed to a set of concrete actions around key priorities responding to forced labour in global supply chains, the ransomware threat, and fighting corruption.

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Global Healthcare AI Startups Development and Deployment Strategies Report 2021 

Business Wire

This report provides an overview of the development of healthcare AI startups by compiling the amount of capital raised by AI startups and the number of AI startups in different sub-sectors; looks into international and Taiwanese healthcare AI startups’ deployment strategies and their capital; examines outlook for the AI healthcare sector.

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