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Public Transit & Transportation

Interested in what’s going on in the world regarding public transit & transportation? Here you can find videos, articles & more from high-quality external resources pertaining to topics of public transit updates & projects, road & highway development & more.

Global Transit & Transportation Articles

Transit systems dangle discounts, new tech as they try to turn the corner on the pandemic

NBC News

Some systems are looking to provide equitable access for front-line workers who have relied on their services during the pandemic.

Saskatoon Transit to no longer require face masks, physical distancing on buses as of Sunday

CTV News

Bus operators will be encouraged to continue the use of their vinyl barriers, but it too will no longer be required, Saskatoon Transit said in a news release. Buses will also no longer have capacity limits.

Delhi govt merges public transit systems with Google to reduce bus waiting time

Hindustan Times

The Delhi government is integrating all public transit systems with Google to create a multi-modal transit planner so that people won’t have to wait for long for public buses.

How Climate-Proofing Mass Transit Can Make Cities More Equitable


By taking global warming and demographics into account, transit agencies can better serve vulnerable populations

white and red wooden house with fence

Home prices accelerating in areas without mass transit

Housing Wire

As more of the country moves to permanent work-from-home arrangements, home prices in car-dependent areas have risen twice as fast as those in transit-accessible areas, according to a recent study by Redfin.

Lack of accessible transit drives Coast businesses to launch not-for-profit

Coast Reporter

Some services aren’t made for rural communities and their absence threatens people’s human dignity. That’s the lesson Roberts Creek resident Lynn Chapman learned after her husband, John Turnbull, was diagnosed with ALS and lost his ability to walk, leaving them scrambling for accessible transportation options.

Public transit is just as gross as you thought and that’s why microbiologists love it

The Colorado Sun

Colorado post-docs and undergrads endure the swabbing of seats and handrails in the name of science, part of a worldwide effort to “map the human biome” and sort good germs from bad.

Iran Says Transportation Ministry Hit By Cyberattack

Radio Free Europe

Iran’s Transportation Ministry said that its computer systems and website were affected by a cyberattack on July 10.

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