Carbon Offsetting in International Aviation: A Critique of CORSIA

This article was written by University of Waterloo student Erin Murray on carbon offsetting and the challenges being faced by the international aviation community, specifically relating to the Carbon Offsetting & Reduction Scheme (CORSIA). Key Messages In order to achieve Carbon Neutral Growth by 2020, a market-based instrument is required to bridge the gap. CurrentContinue reading “Carbon Offsetting in International Aviation: A Critique of CORSIA”

The Sustainable Development Goals: Global Setbacks

How was global progress on the goals pre-COVID? How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted this progress? The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic will be hard-hitting and long-lasting, according to The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020. The 2020 Report includes data on each of the 17 goals before the outbreak of the pandemic, and how the outbreak has irreversiblyContinue reading “The Sustainable Development Goals: Global Setbacks”

The Pandemic & Canada

COVID-19 Deaths in Canada Between January 3, and October 27, 2020, Canada has experienced 216,104 confirmed cases, and 9,946 deaths (WHO, 2020). The country experienced a severe spike in both deaths and cases from the end of April to June, and a smaller, but still prevalent spike, again at the beginning of October (see Figure 1).Continue reading “The Pandemic & Canada”