Canada’s September 30th Holiday: What is it?

Writing It Into Law On June 3, 2021, Bill C-5, An Act to amend the Bills of Exchange Act, the Interpretation Act and the Canada Labour Code (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation), received Royal Assent. This allowed for the designation of September 30th as National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, marking a new public holiday forContinue reading “Canada’s September 30th Holiday: What is it?”

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

On December 23, 1994, the United Nations General Assembly decided in resolution 49/214 that on August 9th each year, International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples would be celebrated. This date marks the day of the first meeting in 1982 of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations. Watch the brief video below created by theContinue reading “International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples”

The Pandemic & Canada

COVID-19 Deaths in Canada Between January 3, and October 27, 2020, Canada has experienced 216,104 confirmed cases, and 9,946 deaths (WHO, 2020). The country experienced a severe spike in both deaths and cases from the end of April to June, and a smaller, but still prevalent spike, again at the beginning of October (see Figure 1).Continue reading “The Pandemic & Canada”