Justin Trudeau: Empty Promises & Climate Leadership

Justin Trudeau is the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada. Trudeau has held this position since November 2015 and has been the leader of the Liberal Party since 2013. In an attempt to gain more seats in Parliament and achieve a Liberal majority, the Prime Minister called for an early federal election – aContinue reading “Justin Trudeau: Empty Promises & Climate Leadership”

Clean Air Day: Highlighting 4 Canadian Companies working to Combat Climate Change and Clean our Air

In the spirit of National Clean Air Day, this article highlights 4 Canadian Companies who’s operations work to clean the air we breathe in Canada, and around the world. Today, June 2nd, is national Clean Air Day. In 1999 the Government of Canada established Clean Air Day with efforts to emphasize the importance of cleanContinue reading “Clean Air Day: Highlighting 4 Canadian Companies working to Combat Climate Change and Clean our Air”

A Sustainable Switch Sale

Ever since The Sustainable Switch was first conceived, owner Saige Friedman was determined to incorporate youth employment initiatives into the business’s core mission and structure. At age 17, Saige made the decision to go to the University of Waterloo for the school’s Honours Environment & Business Co-op program due to her love for people andContinue reading “A Sustainable Switch Sale”

Does it Pay to be Sustainable? The Adoption of Sustainable Initiatives

This article explores some of the reasons why companies avoid implementing sustainable initiatives, and provides direction for those on the fence. The first question that comes to mind when a business is deciding whether or not to implement sustainable initiatives is: what will this cost us? Many unsustainable businesses believe that if they implement suchContinue reading “Does it Pay to be Sustainable? The Adoption of Sustainable Initiatives”

A Sustainable Startup – Wrong Generation’s Approach to Upcycling

Wrong Generation “Profit margin is less important to me than reducing my impact, since that’s the mission of the business in the first place!” – Zach Smith, Wrong Generation owner. This article focuses on a local startup company utilizing sustainable and ethical methods to upcycle damaged goods. The quotes and much of the information wasContinue reading “A Sustainable Startup – Wrong Generation’s Approach to Upcycling”

The Switch Content Contribution Opportunity & Criteria

To learn more about the content contribution opportunity with The Switch, download the PDF below.

The Sustainable Development Goals & Canada: Are We on Track?

This article focuses on Canada’s progress on the Sustainable Development Goals pre-pandemic. In 2015 when the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were first established and agreed upon by many world leaders, the decided deadline was the year 2030. This timeline allowed for 15 years worth of dedicated action by the number of governments involved, toContinue reading “The Sustainable Development Goals & Canada: Are We on Track?”

The Sustainable Development Goals: Global Setbacks

How was global progress on the goals pre-COVID? How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted this progress? The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic will be hard-hitting and long-lasting, according to The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020. The 2020 Report includes data on each of the 17 goals before the outbreak of the pandemic, and how the outbreak has irreversiblyContinue reading “The Sustainable Development Goals: Global Setbacks”

The Sustainable Development Goals: What Are They? Why Do They Matter?

What Are They? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio in 2012. The aim of the conference was to produce a set of universal goals that would meet the urgent environmental, political, and socio-economic challenges facing our communities (UNDP, 2015). The Conference included 193 memberContinue reading “The Sustainable Development Goals: What Are They? Why Do They Matter?”

The Pandemic & Canada

COVID-19 Deaths in Canada Between January 3, and October 27, 2020, Canada has experienced 216,104 confirmed cases, and 9,946 deaths (WHO, 2020). The country experienced a severe spike in both deaths and cases from the end of April to June, and a smaller, but still prevalent spike, again at the beginning of October (see Figure 1).Continue reading “The Pandemic & Canada”