Let’s work together to make Toronto a greener filming location.

Why the TV & film industry?

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is a hub for TV and film production. The region hosts a full range of industry connections, suppliers, talent, crews, facilities, and locations offering anything required from pre- to post-production. Unfortunately, the one area that has been lacking is the availability of environmentally-friendly production amenities. 

However, in 2021, the number of client requests for such amenities became so great that the City of Toronto is funding the development of two “power drops” at high-use locations, with plans to build more in the coming years. This push from industry members for more environmentally-friendly options has encouraged our firm to focus its efforts on helping production teams to operate in a more efficient and conscious manner.


Are you a local business interested in breaking into the TV & film industry? We are searching for ethical and conscious companies close to home to connect with and help us in our mission. Help us provide more sustainable alternatives to local productions from pre- to post-production.

Learn more about our partnerships here.

How does this work?

To start, we offer a 30-minute consultation where our team can answer any questions or concerns you may have – free of cost. After this initial consultation, we can make plans to meet in person or virtually before filming begins. This secondary meeting will include the discussion of budgets, production size, level of client involvement, and more – so we can better understand the situation and establish expectations from the start.

To accommodate productions at different stages in their sustainability journeys, our firm has established 4 standard service packages for clients to choose from.

Basic Package

Our Basic package is perfect for those who have already identified what needs to be done and how. What you need from our firm is to handle the planning, organization, and day-to-day management of these changes to ensure a smooth transition and proper implementation.

Bronze Package

Our Bronze package was created for those who know what needs to be addressed but don’t have the time for the logistics.

This is where our team comes in! We will take your concerns and figure out the best and simplest way to solve them before moving forward.

Gold Package

Our Gold package was made for those who don’t know where to begin. This option offers wider customization than our basic or bronze options, with a more hands-on approach from our team as we guide you in your sustainability journey.

VIP Package

Our VIP option is our most comprehensive. It begins with our team conducting an analysis of a production from start to finish. This way we can ascertain how things are currently operating and what needs to be addressed moving forward.

Note: this option is ideal for series or seasonal shooting.

Not sure which package would be ideal for you?

Book your free 30-minute consultation with our team today to learn more about how we can help your productions operate more sustainably.

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