The Sustainable Switch

Simple solutions that just make sense.

Our talented team of Toronto youth work to transform their home through the provision of original high-quality content, education, and simple solutions to their sustainability problems. Our aim is to educate individuals, organizations and governments on being sustainable members of our society. This could mean taking on our team to implement sustainability initiatives for your business or taking our UNI 101 course to learn how to manage your stress or resolve conflicts successfully.

No matter where you are in your life right now, or the industry you work in, you have an opportunity to make a difference – and we’re here to show you how.

Areas of Focus

The Sustainable Switch has two main areas of focus. These include educational and sustainable consulting services. As a business, we value knowledge and understand the significant role it plays in the creation of a better Toronto, and ultimately, a better world. As such, our team currently offers the services and programs listed below.

Our Services

Consulting Services

In 2021, the world was rocked to its core and everything changed. Yes, the pandemic continued, but the real change came from the widespread realization that the way we live is not working. From the IPCC Report revealing an apocalyptic future in August; to the fashion industry campaigning for fairer wages and human rights with the Clean Clothes Campaign and #PayUp, it has never been clearer to the general public how bad things really are.

With this realization has come the demand for better from governments, businesses, and product offerings. In response, many businesses have begun touting “green” or “sustainable” products or services. While some of these initiatives are genuine, others are considered attempts at greenwashing.

The Sustainable Switch’s role is to help clients understand the role they can play in creating a truly sustainable future. Not sure exactly what you need or what it costs? Don’t worry, our talented team members are available to explain what path might be right for you, and how we can work together to make it happen.

Educational Services

The Sustainable Student

At present, our educational branch, The Sustainable Student is the host of our first post-secondary course titled UNI 101 – for both college and university students. For more information on the course, see here.

Student and Educator Workshops

Our team has established a series of basic workshops that are available for educational institutions. Institutions have the option to purchase our ready-made materials to carry out the workshop on their own, or for an additional fee, we can facilitate the workshop on-site.

Workshop topics range from conflict resolution or consent to teaching sustainability in the classroom. Interested in a specific topic? Let us know and we can discuss how to best present it.

Brand Ambassadorship

As of November 2021, The Sustainable Switch’s owner Saige Friedman has chosen to open up herself and the platform to branding opportunities.

Interested in having your company and/or product advertised on our various social media platforms and website?

We are happy to discuss any and all opportunities! However, to have our leader Saige and our brand act as an ambassador for your brand, you must meet one of two criteria:

  1. Your brand meets our established criteria* for being considered “sustainable”; OR
  2. Your brand does not meet our established criteria for being considered “sustainable” – but you are using our consulting services to change this.

*This established criteria will be made public soon!

Our Resources

In addition to our consulting services, The Sustainable Switch offers high-quality sustainable content through this online platform. On this website, you can find the following informational and educational pages:

The Switch

The Switch is an educational, research-based platform, hosted by The Sustainable Switch, with the aim of providing individuals with relevant, sustainable knowledge.

As of January 2021, The Switch will be working in partnership with a number of educational institutions in the region to provide students and recent graduates with a platform to share and discuss their experiences and ideas relating to the 3 Pillars of Sustainability.

External Resources

While we continue working hard to provide the public with our own original resources, we also want to provide local businesses & communities with invaluable information curated by other trustworthy sources.

Interested in having your publication or article featured in next month’s update? Send us a message.

Community Resources

The Sustainable Switch’s community resource page was created with the sole aim of providing the GTA & surrounding areas with access to informative, easy-to-use resources – making it simpler than ever to be sustainable every day! From simple recycling diagrams to community engagement opportunities, we’ve got you covered. As we continue working with local community members, businesses & government, we plan on adding more materials to help communities overcome any barriers they may face. 

Why You’ll Love Us

There has never been a better time to make a change. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, many have had to make changes to their public image, business structure and/or management. No one cares more about helping your business to make this transition.

Let’s build a stronger Toronto, together.