If not us, then who?

The Sustainable Switch was first created because its Founder, Saige Friedman, asked herself this very question. She didn’t want to wait to be considered “old enough” to join the table, so she decided to build her own – along with plenty of seats.

The Sustainable Switch

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The Sustainable Switch works to educate and collaborate with local businesses through the creation of digital business resources and the offering of customizable consulting services. We are committed to changing the way companies do business with one another and within the Greater Toronto community, via the planning and implementation of company-specific sustainability efforts. 

Our Vision

Transforming Toronto, Together.

Our Values

The Sustainable Switch Executive Team

Saige Friedman

The Sustainable Switch’s leader Saige Friedman, is unique in many ways, but especially in her appetite for knowledge. Having graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Honours Environment & Business undergraduate program, and Fleming College’s Applied Planning postgraduate program, she acquired a well-rounded academic education in the areas of sustainable business, planning, and development.

As well, her self-taught education includes web design (creating this website with no prior experience), content creation (all of our beautiful graphics), and the insane number of topics she has undertaken in her research. Saige is the heart, soul, and leader of our team, and can handle anything thrown her way.

Mira Ahmad

Mira Ahmad is The Sustainable Switch’s go-to numbers gal. With her education in Accounting from Western University’s Bachelor of Management & Organization Studies, her work experience in payroll and accounting roles, and her endless hours studying for her CFA designation – Mira has proven herself worthy of being responsible for all things financial. Whether it’s helping the team by carrying out financial analyses, pricing our services, or doing our taxes – Mira’s got it covered.

While Mira is new to the world of sustainability, her willingness and interest in learning more, coupled with her skills, make her an invaluable member of The Sustainable Switch team.

Raquel Margulies

Raquel Margulies is our PR/social media rockstar. She is a part-time addition to our team while she works towards her certificate in Public Relations from Ryerson University, and studies for the LSAT. Before enrolling in her current program, Raquel graduated from Ryerson with a Bachelor of Arts degree, having had a double major in Sociology & Law.

While Raquel may be a newbie to the world of sustainability, she has always had a passion for equity and diversity and wants to use her new PR skills to help us create a better, and more diversely represented Toronto.

Our Story

In September of 2020, The Sustainable Switch’s owner and founder, Saige Friedman, established the platform as a mental refuge for herself – a place where she could continue doing what she loved even during the pandemic – researching and writing about various topics for public consumption. To share with others what she learned, all of which would fall under what she considers to be the “3 pillars” of sustainability: society, economics, and the environment.

About 2 months into this, Saige learned more than she ever imagined, about so many different things. However, after conducting all this research, one thing became clearer and clearer to her; that things were not getting better, but would in fact only get worse. While she knew she could not change everything going on in the world, she knew that if she had the courage, she could start by changing her home city of Toronto.

From this realization came the current idea for The Sustainable Switch: a community-based consulting firm and online platform, operating under the 3 pillars. So, in November 2020, Saige Friedman registered The Sustainable Switch as a business and began planning for the long journey ahead.

Since bringing on team members, The Sustainable Switch has been able to consistently provide original research-based content on its blog “The Switch”, and in the form of both community resources (cost-free) and business resources (at an affordable cost). As of January 2021, The Switch has opened up to content submissions by university and college students in the region in addition to articles continuing to be penned by Saige Friedman and other team members.

As we move forward, we aim to transform the way local businesses choose to interact with one another, communities, and the environment through strategic planning, detailed research, and collaborative approaches to implementation.

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